3 Ways To Easily Know Neighbor Wifi Password On Android / PC

In this online age, the need for an internet connection is very important. One of the ways to connect to the Internet is through data acetate or a network Wi-Fi. For those of you who get wifi network coverage, it will definitely be of great help and can use it. But what if there is a wifi password? Perhaps you can use wifi to find the password, which we will discuss at this time.

There are several methods that can be run to connect to a WiFi network that is actually a password. There are many applications that are scattered in the Playstore but many applications are closed and do not work properly to detect WiFi passwords.

Well, on this occasion we will share how to detect a wifi password that is locked in a suitable place via an Android smartphone. There are some recommended applications that you can use. What are they? Here is the tutorial.

How to find wifi password

Here are some ways by which you can find the WiFi password near you. Each application and how each has its advantages and disadvantages. So make sure you follow Tari correctly this time. With free WiFi, you can download movies, stream YouTube, open social media, and more.

1. How to know Password Wifi using Wifi Master

The first Android application that you can use to detect a WiFi password and connect to a free Internet network, try using an application called WiFi Master. This application is free and you can download it on PlayStore. It is also quite easy for its own use. Here are the steps.

  • Download the wifi master app and open it.
  • Agree in application Terms and conditions Some permits have also been given, which are needed so that the application works as expected.
  • The application will then display a WiFi network near you.
  • Check out the wifi network that is green so you can connect and surf for free.
  • Wait a few moments for it to connect to wifi.
  • If successful, Android will connect to the network and you can surf as much as you want with free internet.

2. View wifi password using CMD

Next way we can view the wifi password using CMD Windows. This method is an alternative method and the success rate is not very high. But it doesn’t hurt to try the following methods.

  • First open CMD (click on start> type CMD)
  • After the CMD program opens, type the command netsh wlan show profile And hit enter. After that, the previous WiFi network that is connected to the laptop will appear.
  • Type the command again netsh wlan show profile name (network name) key = clear.
  • The selected network data will appear with the password. You can find the password in the section Main content.

3. WiFi Connection via WPS

How to find someone else's wifi password

The next way to detect a WiFi password is to use a WPS connection. Yes, if you use this method you will need to know the whereabouts of the WiFi router to press the WPS button. Then, how can you connect to a wifi network using a WPS connection? Here are the steps.

  • First, make sure that the router supports WPS connectivity by pointing to the WPS button. This button is usually on the back side with the power plug.
  • Now please press the indicator button until the indicator light turns on. If you are ready to connect to the WiFi network now.
  • Now go to Settings> WiFi> Additional Settings> Menu on Android WPS connection.
  • Once selected the display will change as shown below. But if you have WPS turned on the router, it does not take long.
  • If successful, it will connect directly to WiFi without the need to enter a password.
  • Now you can surf for free.

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There are many ways to detect wifi password using which you can try to be able to access the internet for free. For other methods and applications, please how to break wifi android via android. Thanks for reading, please share if useful. Don’t forget to visit EnoughTau.id for other interesting articles.

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