6 Latest and Best Android Games Released in the Second Week of January 2021

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Doesn’t it feel right? Half of January 2021 has passed, you know. And this is the right time to discuss the latest Android games released in January 2021. In this article, we will discuss the 6 newest and best Android games released in the second week of January 2021. This means that we will discuss the latest Android games released from January 8 – 14, 2021.

1. Masters Battle League 5v5: Legend MOBA PvP Arena

For those of you who play MOBA games, whether it’s Mobile Legends, AoV, MOBA Marvel, Onmyoji Arena, whatever, and you have lost a streak, well, it’s better if you play this one game so you don’t get stressed.

Master Battle League 5v5: Legend MOBA PvP Arena. The problem is that in this game I guarantee you will continue to win. This game is arguably a MOBA-MOBA game. Everything about the MOBA game is made much simpler.

The map is smaller. The enemy is easy to kill. And the match only takes two minutes to finish. Buahahaha. Cuepet to? There are actually a lot of heroes you can use, but in the beginning you only have Thor. Leveling up the hero right after the match is really hard. The problem is that at level 1, the heroes of your team have destroyed the enemy base. Piye? Cool to this game? Ha ha ha ha.

When it comes to competition, obviously, this is not a competitive game. But if it’s for fun and stress relief from losing streaks, okay? Oh yes, this game is not yet in the PlayStore. Download it via the link below, OK? Try to have the ApkPure application first on your cellphone so that it is easy to download.

Game: Masters Battle League 5v5: Legend MOBA PvP Arena

Size Download: 121 MB, (Full Installation: 199 MB)

Offline / Online: ONLINE

Free / Paid: FREE


2. Fat Football Run! 3D Game! Fan on a Field!

If you love football and really like watching football matches, have you ever seen a fan who was always in the stands and suddenly ran to the field and messed around until finally arrested by the security?

So, the game we are discussing takes such a concept. Here you will play a character of a sableng football fan who is crazy, kimplah-kimplah aka gombyor aka lemu or fat who suddenly runs to the soccer field. You have a mission to stay in the field as long as possible. Try to avoid ambush by the security.

In the field, you will find several powerups that can increase your health, your energy, or even blow up the security that tries to catch you. Then you also have several missions that, if you succeed, will increase your points.

For example, you have a mission to make a selfie with the football player. Then there are also missions to get the ball and then you score. Or a mission to grab the flag at the corner of the field. All kinds of things and ridiculous. Not bad, you know, this game is for releasing fatigue. It can make you grin. So, just try it, friends.

Game: Fat Football Run! 3D Game! Fan on a Field!

Download Size: 51 MB, (Full Installation: 128 MB)

Offline / Online: OFFLINE

Free / Paid: FREE


Fat football run!  3d game!  Fan on a field!

3. Drag Racing: Underground City Racers

This game with the Drag Racing theme arguably has a cool graphic display. Yes, considering the full size of the installation, which is only around 200 MB, graphics like this are really good. The car already looks shiny because of the reflection of the light, then the environment and the effects during the race are also really good.

There are also several game modes ranging from campaign to multiplayer. So you can compete with your friends for drag races. The controls also feel smooth. You will be asked to focus on getting into the gear or car gear and try to put the gear in perfect timing so that your car speeds up even more. There is also NOS that will help accelerate your car.

Keep turning your car, you just have to swipe on the screen. This game also provides a customization feature for your car. It’s just a bit unfortunate, upgrading the car in this game turns out to be just changing the car’s appearance. Not improving the car’s performance.

If you want a car that is faster, then you don’t want to buy a new car that costs quite a bit to make you grind races constantly to collect the prize money.

Game: Drag Racing: Underground City Racers

Size Download: 109 MB, (Full Installation: 205 MB)

Offline / Online: OFFLINE

Free / Paid: FREE


Drag Racing: Underground City Racers
Drag Racing: Underground City Racers

4. Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace

The name of this article is:

Hey! Who claims to be a thousand! You must know about Sword Art Online. Well, the newest Sword Art Online game with the open world theme has been released, you know! Yes, even though it’s still a beta test, it’s still worth trying.

Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace is currently entering the beta test phase until January 18, 2021. So you still have about 2 days to try this game. If you are interested, please just download it from the link below because this game is not yet in the Indonesian PlayStore.

So, in general, Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace is an open world MMORPG game. In my opinion, the graphic appearance is rather ordinary, but it really helps with the cool design environment and the wide world. There are lots of missions that you will do later.

At the beginning of the game, you will choose your character with customization and of course the type of weapon you will use. And yep, this game really adopts the story from Sword Art Online. At least, how do you have to try to complete the adventure on one floor, continue to face the floor boss to then proceed to the next floor which has a different world design.

It’s cool, the world setting can be different for each floor. Then you can also unlock various original characters from Sword Art Online like Kirito and friends who will later help your adventure both in dungeons, giving buff effects, or additional skills to the characters you use.

This is a really cool game. It’s just that, because I still speak Chinese, I don’t understand the story. Then the ping was really messy because I still used a Chinese server. Hopefully the global version will be released soon. Aamiin.

For how to log in to this game, first, after the game is installed there will be an option to log in. Please press the text that I circled in red as shown below. This option will take you to log into the game using the guest account.

Second, you will see a captcha for verification that you are human, not a bot. Pay attention to the Chinese characters that I circled at the top (see image below). Note the order from left to right. Then look for the letters at the bottom of the image and make sure they are in the same order as the Chinese characters at the top. Just tap the Chinese characters at the bottom in the right order.

After that you have successfully entered the game.

Game: Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace

Download Size: 465.16 MB, (Full Installation: 2.92 GB)

Offline / Online: ONLINE

Free / Paid: FREE


5. Farlight 84

The name of this article is:

We should be grateful because Indonesia is one of the countries selected for the Farlight 84 beta test together with Brazil and India. The beta test itself is until January 19, 2021. So there are still about 3 days for you to try this battle royale game.

And make sure you don’t have to look for this game on the PlayStore because you can download the beta test phase from the TapTap application. The link is below, right? Talking about this game, actually as a battleroyale game, there aren’t really any different things compared to other battleroyale games. It’s just that, if I may say, this game has elements like PUBG, like Cyberhunter, there is an element of Fortnite, and there are similarities to Apex Legends too.

So in this game, your characters have special skills to increase their mobility, such as for temporary flying and for shifting, flying can be like sideways too. In my opinion, the graphics are similar to Fortnite. And yep, when it comes to graphic quality, this game looks really good. Really spoil the eyes.

It’s just that, because this game is still in the beta test phase, there are still lots of bugs. On my cellphone Blackshark 2 Pro which should be really strong playing this game, it turns out the game is still force closed several times.

Then during the battle, I once tackled an enemy but the enemy was still there in the arena and there was no dead animation. But instead I just stood there calmly. Well, I hope it will be fixed soon after the official release, huh? The thing is this game is cool. It’s safe if there are lots of bugs.

Game: Farlight 84

Download Size: 866.03 MB, (Full Installation: 1.15 GB)

Offline / Online: ONLINE

Free / Paid: FREE


6. Astracraft

After almost half a year without any new games being released, NetEase finally started again with its newest game. Astracraft is released globally and is one of the newest weapons from NetEase to enliven the gaming world on Android. And in my opinion, this game has huge potential.

I can say that because this game has a unique gameplay. You could say this game combines elements of sandbox, crafting, and battle arena. So the point in this game actually is, you make a robot with your own creativity. If you have made the robot, you will enter the fighting arena to compete against other player robots.

If you win, you will get rewards and the rewards can be used later to unlock new parts for your robot. Really in this game, you can be as creative as possible to make the robot. You can put on the body, continue to choose what kind of leg, and don’t forget, you also have to choose which weapon is the most powerful. Each part of the robot can have its own skills so you have to pay attention to this too.

For example, there is a leg part that can make your robot jump high. There are also weapons that can fire continuously for a few seconds but do little damage. Or there are also weapons like missiles that hurt really bad but the cooldown is long.

Your creativity and the availability of the robot parts that you have will greatly play a role in this game. Hopefully this game won’t be a pay-to-win one. The problem is usually NetEase. Ehehehe.

Game: Astracraft

Download Size: 0.94 GB, (Full Installation: 1.31GB)

Offline / Online: ONLINE

Free / Paid: FREE



Well, that’s the 6 latest and best Android games released in the second week of January 2021, the Momoy Android Gamer version. Thank you for friends who have stopped by, see you again in the next articles. Byebye ^ _ ^.

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