Why Computer Viruses are Easily Affected

The virus is one of the causes of computer RAM (read only memory), if left unchecked and not stopped, the virus will slowly go away and the computer will be damaged, not only that the virus can also damage important data stored on the computer Can be transported and removed.

Sometimes we feel that we have saved the computer from viruses by installing some anti-virus applications, but we still do not remove the virus from anywhere, here I will review the things that the computer gets the virus about I can’t even think.

5 Common Causes of Computer Virus Infections

1. Installing informal applications

Because computer viruses are easily affected

When you are browsing on a web browser, there will be a lot of downloads from the Internet automatically, according to the security threat report, the third application provider doing Internet activity is infected with malware, so if you download an application So be careful.

2. Visiting Unbelievable Sites

Because computer viruses are easily affected

The purpose of an untrusted site is a site that contains illegal or pornographic content, the site is actually prohibited, but is still provided for profit, the site you visit usually has Trojan viruses installed.

3. Clicking on a phishing e-mail

Because computer viruses are easily affected

With a virus phishing trick, which can spread easily, this technique is created by sending an email that arouses one’s curiosity, so that the person clicks on reports, emails, social media messages, along with fake instant messages, many Tricked in, so be careful when receiving this message to avoid the virus.

4. Do not have antivirus

Because computer viruses are easily affected

If your computer does not have antivirus installed, it is a big mistake, it is very important to use anti-virus to protect your computer from viruses, especially with automatic scans, so antivirus to protect your computer Start installing.

5. Low vigilance when using WiFi

Because computer viruses are easily affected

When using WiFi in a cafe or any hangout, especially one that does not have a password, it is most likely that the computer can be attacked by viruses, I recommend you search for a cafe or hangout Trust you

This is all my discussion Computers are easily affected by viruses, We can always be protected from any virus attacks that are harmful to us, end of words and thank you.

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