5 Ways To Create Your Own Barcode And QR Code On Android/Computer

Create Your Own Barcode And QR Code: In this digital age, barcodes are often used. With barcodes, we can easily collect goods by scanning the listed barcodes. It is no surprise that many people are looking for ways to create their own barcodes to take advantage of their practicality.

In addition to being used for goods, barcodes can also be used for personal purposes. For example, to make it easy for you to identify the availability of goods, destination URLs or just personal collections.

In the past, a special tool was needed to create a barcode, now we can instantly create our own code on PC, Android, iOS or online.

Barcode type

Before entering the stage of discussion on how to create barcodes, it would be better if we know the types of barcodes. There are 2 types of barcodes themselves. Namely one-dimensional barcode or linear barcode and two-dimensional barcode or matrix barcode. What’s the difference? Here is a brief explanation.

Linear barcode

Also known as a linear barcode or one-dimensional barcode or barcode. Bar code is a collection of codes consisting of a line or linear with different thicknesses. Therefore reading barcodes can collect data in only one line.

Linear barcodes are commonly used as identification and of course, you often see this type of barcode on the back of a product’s packaging. And using this barcode requires a special one-dimensional barcode scanner. Because not all barcodes can be read by barcode scanners.

Matrix barcode

Matrixbar code number

There are still many people who do not know the barcode matrix or the 2-dimensional barcode. But if we call it QR code, then many already know. Yes, this matrix barcode is a QR code, where QR stands for Quick Response.

This system is an improvement from the barcode of the one-dimensional barcode system. QR code has a function to convey the required information about a product with rapid response. In addition, this barcode can also be used to search for a location or tracker directly on a particular website.

So, how do you create your barcode then it can be a barcode or QR code yourself? Here is a tutorial that you can use to create your barcode for free.

How to make your own barcode

Create barcode in excel

To create the first barcode we can use software that is on almost all computers or laptops, especially those using the Windows operating system, such as Ms. Excel. In Microsoft Excel, we can easily create barcodes and they can be directly printed and pasted for the ID of an item. Here are the steps to create a barcode using Excel.

  1. First of all, go to the site first IDautomation.com And select the Font Tools menu on the homepage.
  2. Then view the menu Microsoft Office and VBA for Excel, Access and Word And click on the button download.
  3. Save the downloaded file and if you have it, please remove it.
  4. Then open Microsoft Excel and select menu equipment> Macro > Visual basic editor.
  5. Continue clicking on the menu Files And select the menu import file.
  6. Open a browser to navigate your downloaded automation ID. View named macro file IDautomation.bas And open it in a browser. After that, files will be added to sections Module He is in Excel.
  7. Next please close Visual basic editor And return to the blank workbook. Test your barcode by writing the number on cell A1 and the barcode function next to it.
  8. For function, please type = Code 128 (A1) Cell B2 and in press Enter After coding the data.
  9. Select next cell B2 and go to options Font Then look for font automation IDs and select one of them.
  10. The barcode will appear in cell B2 based on the code you have created.

If you create only one barcode, using Excel seems too complicated. This first method is only for those who want to create further programs. For the easy way, you can continue below.

How to make your own barcode online

By name, how to create an online barcode, which means that we can use this method via smartphone or laptop or PC. All we need is a browser and an internet network. The way to create an online barcode is as follows:

  1. First open online barcode generator website createbarcodes.com.
  2. Here you can choose which barcode type you want to use. Please select the identification number you wish to use, this is the UPC / ISBN for your product.
  3. Next, please fill in your product data. Also enter the emails used.
  4. When it is finished all you need to do is check the agreed to terms and conditions and click Email Low-res JPG.

How to make barcode on android

Don’t like to be complicated and want to be right now? Just make it on your Android smartphone. this is easy. You just need to install some cool applications below to create your barcode. Not only bar barcodes, these applications also support creating barcode QR codes. Here is an Android application for how to create a barcode on Android.

1. Barcode Generator

The first application that can be used lightly to create barcodes without being complicated and complex can use a barcode generator. This application developed by Aeyou is quite easy to use and fast enough to create barcodes instantly.

Here are 11 types of barcodes that you can choose according to your needs. Starting with bar barcodes, QR codes and custom barcodes are here. The application has been downloaded by more than 1 million users worldwide on PlayStore with a rating of 4.5. So there is no need to reuse the quality of Barco generated from this application,

2. Barcode Architect

Barcode Architect is how to create your own barcode on Android. This application was created and developed by a developer named Simon Boyle and has been used by over 100 thousand users.

In this application, you can easily create 1-dimensional barcodes without complicating them. All you need to do is fill in the data you want and the barcode will be generated automatically. It also supports many barcode formats such as EAN, UPC-A, UPC-E, ISBN and many more.

You can immediately send the resulting barcode that is generated via e-mail or you can also save it directly in PNG, JPG, SVG, or HTML5 format.

3. QR – Barcode

The next barcode maker application is QR-Barcode. This application is actually not much different from other barcode maker applications on Android. There are a variety of barcodes to choose from, both 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional barcodes, all of which can be created for free here.

You can do some great features like changing the color and size of the barcode. But not just for making. This application can also read the prepared barcode.

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Last word

Now, easily create your barcode on a laptop, Android, or online. Hopefully, this article can help you develop your business. This is the best of luck and best wishes to all of us.

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