Diamond Counter Free Fire Is It Really Free Diamonds?

Diamond Counter Free Fire – Recently there has been a lot of news about the Diamond Counter in the Free Fire game. It is said that this application guarantees free diamonds for those who use them. Of course, who doesn’t want free diamonds? Diamonds can be used to purchase many items, such as skins and special weapons. But, can the Diamond Free Fire Counter application actually provide the Diamond Counter for free? What are the risks of tires? Let’s introduce them one by one.

What is FF Diamond Counter App?

For those who still do not know what a free diamond counter is, Mimin will try to explain this application so that you can understand the application, so FF Diamond Counter is an application that can generate diamonds for free or for free Can. You can not only get diamonds, but we can also get free gold as per your desired amount. Even the largest diamonds and gold coins can reach 999999 diamonds, which will enter your free shooting account, or the equivalent of unlimited diamonds and gold. The FF Diamond Counter Mod app application has actually been released for a long time, but it is not familiar to many people and is an older version. Now FF Diamond Corner has been updated to the latest version, so the service will be faster and more efficient.

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New Diamond Counter FF Features

Diamond Counter Free Fire Is It Really Free Diamonds?

Do not get bored, Mimin will always remember that the functions of Diamond Counter Free Fire application are very complete, we can use these functions as we wish, instead the curious Mimin immediately get it as a list of tasks below Must be able to operate, it will be fast. More efficient.

  • Diamond converter
  • Gold converter
  • Latest tips
  • share with friends
  • Give 5 stars
  • Privacy Policy

For the above functions, all you have to do is use these functions and choose the function you want to use, and make sure that it meets your needs, if you want to know how to use it, then You can download the app first.

Download ff diamond counter app for free

Diamond counter ff apk application provided by Mime is the latest version, so the service will play its best role, and processing is very fast. If you really need diamonds and coins a lot, then it would be good to try this method. See below for more details.

  • Name: Diamond Converter Free Fire APK
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 8.26 MB
  • Support: 4.1 and above
  • Type: Application [apk] Android
  • Price: Free
  • download link:

download link Diamond Counter FF Eck


For the installation method, just download and install it now, but if you can’t install it, you need to allow it from unknown sources by going to section => security =>.

How to use Diamond Counter Free Fire App Application

If you open the Diamond Free Fire Counter, you can get various instructions immediately, but if you do not understand how to use it, you can immediately see the following.

  • First step, please download and download Diamond Counter FF APK through the link given above.
  • Then open diamond ff apk counter app
  • Then the main section will introduce the above mimin function,
  • If you need a diamond inlay, please click on the “Diamond Converter” section. Please enter how many diamonds you need
  • If you are sure you can click on “Summary”
  • If processing is successful, it means that this application is running normally, you just need to check if it works in FF game
  • done

How is it like diamond counter works Free fire

The Diamond Counter application was originally proposed by YouTuber Razor Gaming. In the latest video that was uploaded 6 days ago, it reviewed the Diamond Counter application. The video has now been viewed more than 90,000 times. In the video, Razor Gaming shows how the Diamond Counter app is used and shows how the number of diamonds has grown. This application seems easy to use. Diamond Counter will initially ask you to provide free fire account details. After logging in, the application will provide 3 boxes that can be opened. Two boxes contain 1000 diamonds, and the second box contains 5000 diamonds/diamonds.

Diamond Counter FF Facts

Apparently, the Diamond Counter application cannot actually provide diamonds for free. This application is only an entertainment application and Diamond will not be provided free. Then, how do you get a razor game to get diamonds in the video? He actually obtains diamonds by refilling into another application called Cashzine. Therefore, diamond counters are unable to provide diamonds completely for free.

This mode is also similar to the hacked Free Fire website, in which gamers have to enter their Apple / Google Play ID for free with the temptation of Diamond / Coin. To avoid being hacked, please do not give your ID information to suspicious parties! Better yet, if you obtain diamonds in a safer and more legal way. You can participate in a cheaper route for YouTubers / Influencers, or try some free fire redemption codes.

Another way to get safer and more challenging diamonds is by participating in a free fire tournament.

Is FF Diamond Counter App Banned?

So in fact the APK is really safe, because the Diamond Counter APK application is not an actual Diamond application, but a Diamond FF Counter APK, used only for entertainment purposes, not serious. When you install ff counter diamond apk, you will be successful in using ff diamond counter application, but do not get real diamonds for it

Last word

This is an explanation of the real facts, is it true that free fire diamond counter can give free diamond? This is the answer in the article that you have above. May be eligible

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