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We are on the mission to provide you to the Modded Apk versions of the best games available on every genre. Today, we are here with the game “Dragon hills”, that pass you through the whole journey of the prince who is on the battle with the evil forces to protect his princesses.

This game is one of the best options for the fans of fairy tales. That’s why today we are here with Dragon hills Mod Apk 1.2.8Everyone knows that in the fairy tales mostly the princesses and the prince lives the happy life until the evil comes into action. When the villain makes his entry, the circumstances become difficult and unfavorable.  Because he kidnaps the princesses and then locks her in the room. Now the prince has to save his princesses by defeating the evil forces. The game is almost similar to the same story, although the developer has changed the gameplay of the game a little bit. 

But don’t worry we have explained the whole gameplay and the features of the game below. So, you can have a better understanding of the game. It’s better to read all about the game before you download Dragon hills Mod APK of the latest version.

Download Dragon Hills MOD APK with unlimited coins


Everyone is familiar with fairy tales. Even we have shared the fairy tales central theme at the beginning of this article. The gameplay is almost similar but there is a little bit of changing. You will not be on the mission to save the princess. But the thieves will also try to escape by having all the money and treasures of the princess. Instead of saving the princess, your main aim will be to stop all of the thieves from escaping the scene. The game has been developed by the Rebel Twins. They have developed it by considering the convenience of the gamer. The controls are easy to understand so that you can win it easily. And to engage you with the game they have also focused a lot on creating the great graphics.

♦ Before proceeding to the link to download Dragon hills Mod Apk of the latest version. It’s better to have a look at the features of the game that makes it the best option to avail.


⇒ Ease of Use
The game has been designed by considering the ease of the user. The interface of the game has been developed according to the need of the user. Anyone can easily understand and operation and can easily access the features of the games. He must not have the technical knowledge to play it like a pro. Most of the games have the vague and poorly designed interface that causes the failure of the game. But the developer of the dragon hills knew the fact very well. And that’s why they have focused a lot on this factor and include the feature of “Ease of Use” In Dragon hills.
⇒ Content of the Game
The gamers get bored when they have to play the same sort of level in the game. Or when they have to play the repetitive game all the time. It’s better to have some changes, upgrading option and different levels in the game to engage the Android Gamer.
They have focused on this factor too. The game provides you different levels to play. And as you progressed in the game the level of difficulty also increases. They put you on the test of different skills and abilities. You can even make your dragon stronger and powerful by upgrading it. Even it is also the essential thing to fight with the evils at different difficulty levels.
⇒ Leader Board
Playing the game lonely, without showing the skills to the world and to the friends does not bring that much fun and enjoyment. That’s why the developer of Dragon hills comes up with the concept of the leader board, in which all of your friends and you will be ranked according to the performance. Obviously, it’s great and the best competition in which you will always try to mark the top spot on the leader board.
⇒ Upgrade yourself
The game allows you to upgrade your dragon with the great equipment and the weapons so that you can easily with the game no matter at what stage you are. Every weapon and armor have different characteristics and different use. Only upgrading is not enough, making the right strategy for using the right weapon at the right time is a more important thing.

Why dragon Hills Mod Apk?

To win the game easily, obviously, you must have the strongest dragon. And the strongest dragons are those who are fully equipped with the right and powerful weapons and armor. In the basic version of the Dragon hills, you have to work hard to win the coins so that you can purchase those right weapons for you. But that’s not an easy task for everyone. That’s why The dragon hills mod apk version comes into existence. Dragon hills mod Apk provides you the access to the game where you will have the unlimited coins, that you can use freely and without hesitation to purchase your resources in the game.

That’s the advantage that you will get if you download the dragon hills Mod Apk for your device. It will bring more fun and ease in the game.  Obviously, now you will prefer the Mod Apk version over the basic version of the game.

That’s all about this game, hopefully, you have enjoyed the article and ready to take the fun with the hacked apk version of the game.

If you have found it useful, do share it with your friends too and keep visiting our blog for downloading all of the best games mod APK files without rooting the mobile.


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