How To Easily & Automatically Create Table Contents In Word 2016

Automatically Create Table Contents In Word 2016: Looking for a way to create an automated table of contents word 2016? No need to go anywhere else, here we will tell you how to create a table of contents automatically in Word 2016. In fact, the Word version itself is also not important, with Word 2016 chosen because this version is currently the most commonly used by Windows users.In addition to Word 2016, the method we are going to provide can also be used in Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2019, or Microsoft 365. Ok, if you are looking for Google tutorials on how to create content on Google, then most of them are definitely manual mode. But here we will share in an automated way.

Rules for creating an automatic table of contents in Word

Then what are the benefits of creating an automated table of contents in Word 2016 instead of the manual method that we have to fill in one by one? In fact, the advantages are simple, namely that the page will automatically fill or change according to the location of the title. If you use the manual and want to delete a page, we have to automatically change the page in the table of contents. This is why you have to create a manual table of contents so that you do not get the wrong page.

How to make a table of contents in word 2016, make a thesis

To implement an automated table of materials that you cannot do now, first make sure that your writing structure is in the word. Make sure to use each subsection and other Title In Style. So first determine which of the contents of the header, heading 1, heading 2, etc. is easy to create.

Now, instead of chatters over time, let’s jump into the tutorial on how to easily create an automated table of contents in Word 2016.

  • First, we can create a new file by selecting File ⇒ New ⇒ Blank Document.
  • Before typing in the menu tab House In the ribbon, The styles Please amend Title 1 And Title 2 According to wishes.
    How to make a word 2016 automatic table of contents
  • To edit it just right-click on the section Heading 1/2 Choose more Revised.
  • Then adjust the required format starting with the type of font, size, color, position, and distance. Also, check the section all caps So that all the letters in the title Chapter Are all caps and if clicked Fine.
    Modified style
  • Next, on the tab House Part Article Click on the menu Multilevel list Choose more Define new multilevel list.
  • Click more Bottom left.
  • Click on number 1 in the section Click on the list level to modify.
  • Choose Heading 1 In the list Link level for style
  • Choose roman numerals I, II, III … in Section Number style for this level
  • Type BAB before roman I am On Enter the formatting for the number.
  • Click to continue Font And specify the type of font to be used and click Fine.
  • In defining the still new multilevel list window, select the number 2 Click on the list level to modify
  • Choose Title 2 On List link level for style
  • Select letters ABC…On Number style for this level.
  • Put a period after the letter whatever Enter formatting for number and click button Font To adjust the type, size, and style of the font you are using. If you clicked Fine.
  • Checked on List after restart Choose more Level 1 At the list level below.
  • Here you set it Post According to the needs.
  • If needed, do it on other levels as well and click if it is ok.

Now you can start writing with the following requirements:

  1. You must go through the menu to add a new page. Layout Breaks⇒ Choose more next page So that the page is no longer romp.
  2. Use Heading 1 To create a new chapter.
  3. Use Title 2 To create a new sub-chapter.

When typing has been completed, it now remains only to enter the automated table of contents. Like this.

  • Click on the plan to place the table of contents in the menu section on the first page Reference ⇒ Table of Contents Choose Table of ContentsAutomated table 1 or Automatic Table 2.
    self drive
  • On this page you only need to add title Table of Contents And don’t forget to change the style format Heading 1.
  • do it Update table of contents And if only the page number position changes, select the radio button Update only the page number, But if the headings change then you can choose the part Update table entries and click Fine.
  • done.

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In fact, you can enter this step of creating a table of contents immediately without first typing. The purpose of the final build is to find out if there is an error.

This is the tutorial this time on how to make a Word 2016. Automatic Table of Contents. Good luck and hope it helps.

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