Easy Way To Create Site To Download PNG Logo Vector And Clipart

In this post, I will share some information on how to easily create an image download site in PNG image format. Here, from the website I mean pictures, symbols, clipart, and vectors.

This tutorial is suitable for those who are interested in creating a site like this pngdownload[dot]N (Not mine). Finally, I checked the indexing on Google for this one website, it touched 4,510,000, that’s good! Can you imagine how many tons of daily traffic you can get.

The correlation will also occur for the earnings problem. The Pngdownload.id website uses Google AdSense for its monetization. Don’t ask how much your monthly income is, I don’t know … logically, that’s a lot. hehe!

An easy way to create a Png image download site

To create a PNG file download site like Pngdownload.id, you may face the following issues

  1. Search for keywords
  2. Search for Png Image Files
  3. Create content
  4. Upload to server

If there is only tens/hundreds of material that we want to create, then it does not matter. Thousands, if thousands? tens of thousands? Millions? Or even millions? It can blow our soul and body.

ask: Do you have to create a lot of material, brother?

answer: It depends on the bro, if you want a lot of indexing, you should automatically have a lot of content.

ask: Tired brother, I think I can’t!

answer: Eats cool bro, no need to get tired .. because there are already lots of scripts, plugins, and tools that can help us to create content that can make hundreds, thousands, and even more to get tired manually without anything That millions are needed. An example of a script that can be used Shuriken.

About Shuriken Image

What is shuriken? So, this is a script made by Sheriken Chacha Mosquito Masbuchin. He is the founder of the dojo, which has been around the world at AGCA per AGAca, aka Auto Auto per Ukuka aka. There are many successful scripts that he created to help his members get $$$$.

It is one of the newest scripts of the Shuriken dojo. Broadly speaking, this script can search your own keywords, search your images and create your own content. Absolutely accurate? For more information, you can go directly to the site through the link below, please read it slowly and understand:

Creating a PNG download site with Shuriken

Okay, now we are going to go to the core of this article – core. After Shuriken is scripted, you can easily create any image download site based on PNG files. Incidentally, this method was written by the developer of Shuriken himself, Om Mohammed Masbuchin.

To create a single file download site (PNG) specifically, you only need to make some modifications to the Shuriken script. The method is as follows:

  1. Vendor / buchin / google-image-Grabber / src / GoogleImageGrabber.php line 63.
  2. Please look for it
    $ url = “https://www.google.com/search?q=”. urlencode ($ keyword). “& Source = lnms & tbm = isch & tbs =”;
  3. Change from:
    $ url = “https://www.google.com/search?q=filetype:png+”. urlencode ($ keyword). “& Source = lnms & tbm = isch & tbs = ic% 3Atrans”;

After that, you just have to run the import command so that the script can start working immediately. Examples of commands are as follows:

php import.php "logo,vector,clipart"

After that the script will start its work and you have to wait for it to finish.

create png image download site with shuriken
Scrap Process, src: dojo.cc

The result will be like the image below:

How brother, interest? Curious? If so, please see more details about the Shuriken image by clicking the button below.

Okay, he is sharing it with me right now. Thank you!

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