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The games are the best source to kill time and the best way to have fun when you are getting bored. Although, all the games available on the play store does not worth downloading. Some games have good gameplay but they are losing their users due to low-quality graphics. Very few of the play store games provide the all-around best gaming experience.

Fallout Shelter is one of those games that have everything that can hook you up for the longest time. Here you can Download Fallout Shelter MOD APK v1.13.18 to start having fun. There is a lot in the game for Android gamers. Here we will look at all of those features that make it the best game to play. Later on, in this article, you will explore why you should download the Fallout Shelter APK hack of the latest version.

Download Fallout Shelter MOD APK

fallout shelter mod apk

Basic Information

Rating4.6 Stars
APP NameFallout Shelter
Required OSAndroid 4.0 and Above + iOS
Developed ByBethesda Softworks LLC

Overview of Fallout Shelter Game

Consider the enemies have attacked from every possible side. you don’t have any room to escape and they are too much eager to kill along with other peoples out there. What will you do?

The theme of the game is almost similar to this situation. Enemies are ready to attack your people and you have to save your life and others life. Everyone relies on you. There is nothing to think about, the gamer had already given us the strategy to escape this situation. you will dig the way below around 2000 feet to create the underground shelter for all of the people.

You will be on the adventure, where you have to dig into the ground and will explore the places the built the shelter.

Cutting long story short, you will explore, build, customize and repopulate and grow in fallout shelter game. you must have your own unique gaming strategy to outplay the opponents.

you can get access to this fallout shelter special game without spending any money. it’s available for all for free. Although, the graphics do not seem like a free game. its graphics have the ability to compete with the premium game graphics.

Once you download the game and start playing this simulation game, the responsibility of residents security and safety will be yours.


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Features of Fallout shelter MOD APK

⇒  The game does not offer only the same sort of difficulty level. Obviously, like other games, the difficulty levels increase as you progressed in the game. you will explore your new skills and abilities. The different level is the key that engaged the player and makes the game challenging for the gamers.

⇒ This does not have only a single adventure, you will be on a different adventure and will perform a lot of tasks. It’s hard to mention all of them here. You will know once you started playing the game. Although, the interesting concept in the game is that you will go above where the enemies are blasting and causing destructions to find out the commodities for the use. No one knows what you will find out at the wasteland. But be careful when doing this part in the game.

⇒ The game is not all about exploring the way below the ground and to build the home and shelters to be saved from the enemies. It also allows you to customize the homes and shelters to be more protected from the enemies. That’s the great addition in the gameplay to enhance the gaming experience. You will be involved in different tasks during the course of the game. Now it’s up to your creativity that how you actually customize all the homes and features.

⇒ Congratulations! you have saved others life by exploring and digging the way. But your duty is not stopped here. you have to interact with the residents and have to work hard in helping them to find out the right job for them so that they can survive on their own. You have to keep them happy and to create the self-sufficient vault. In short, The accommodation of the dwellers will be your responsibility.

⇒ The games that are developed by considering the ease and convenience of the gamers is rare to find. But almost every developer tried his best to provide the best gaming experience by providing ease to the gamer. Fallout shelter MOD APK provides the best interface that hooked the gamer. you don’t need to have any technical knowledge. The graphics and the Fallout shelter layout (Interface) are beautifully designed that’s the most important feature of a fallout shelter. believe me or not, It’s simple but literally, still, it is engaging.

fallout shelter mod apk

Why Fallout shelter MOD APK?

The game is all about exploring, building and repopulating. You will have a lot of duties to perform that will hook you to the game but performing all of these tasks easily at the beginning is hard. when it seems difficult to manage the people and to gain the resources then the fallout shelter mod APK comes into action. It provides you with the best advantage you must have to have the peace of mind.

By downloading the mod APK version game from our direct link, you will have the game with the unlimited money that can be useful in shopping the resources in the game. This will take the burden out of your shoulders and you will play the game easily without any fear or tension. Now, You can focus on the other parts of the game as we have eliminated the most challenging part of the game by providing unlimited money.


If you want to have the game into your device that provides the best gaming experience, Fallout shelter game would be the best fit for you. it will be the best time killer for you. The realistic view is the main feature that people are praising on the play store. we have added more spice in the game by providing the MOD APK for unlimited money. What are you waiting for? download from the below link and get started having fun.


fallout shelter mod apk.PNG

Fallout Shelter Tips

There are different tips that will be helpful for you during the course of the fallout shelter game.

Fallout Shelter Tip # 1: Focus on Resources

In the start, it’s always better to focus on the resources, don’t bother to go for unlocking the new rooms and the more rooms. It will hurt you later, have some patience. you just get started helping others, their accommodation in your duty. they rely on you. You have to take care of them, that’s why it’s better to consider only the resources in the early stages of the game.

Fallout Shelter Tip # 2: Suggestion for Room creation

Whenever you start building the room for the dwellers, it’s better to keep in mind that the rooms must be close together and have enough space. Bear in mind, the expansion and the layout of the vault. Instead of creating the two rooms of smaller space, merge both of these rooms to have reasonable space. But don’t build up the larger room that will be the problem too. Just make the justifiable spaced room.

Fallout Shelter Tip # 3: Objectives & Resources

As we have discussed focusing on the resources in tip # 1. Now the question is from where you can get more resources. Here’s the solution, the game offers you different objectives to complete and after the completion of the objective you will get the award of the CAP. Do you know Caps are needed to have more resources in the game? So focusing on resources means you also should start completing given objectives.

Fallout Shelter Tip # 4: Identify the Dweller strength.

Every Dweller has different abilities and strengths. Being the manager of this human resource, you have to figure out the abilities and the strengths that the Dweller have. And after that put them into the right room according to their abilities. to find out their traits and the strengths, look at the top left gear icon. you will get to know each resident easily from this feature.

Fallout Shelter Tip #5: Empty ROOM

Don’t leave any room empty, the Cockroaches will put their beds into these rooms. you must have dwellers in every room.

Fallout Shelter Tip #6: Equipped your Dweller 

If you are deciding to ascend the Dweller to the place of destruction. Bear in mind, they all must be well equipped to deal with any sort of accident that can happen out there. Don’t send any Dweller without recognizing his strength and health.

Fallout Shelter Cheats

Here we have discussed the cheats that will be helpful for you in the Fallout shelter mod apk Game.

In the early stages, you have to survive. and for this, you have to focus on the resources and have to go at the destructed places to look for commodities. The interesting Fallout Shelter cheat is described in the following video, on how you can get the fallout shelter unlimited lunchboxes.

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That’s all about this game, hopefully, you have enjoyed the article and ready to take the fun with the hacked apk version of the game.

If you have found it useful, do share it with your friends too and keep visiting our blog for downloading all of the best games mod APK files without rooting the mobile.

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