How to control a Windows 7 slow computer

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Today the Windows operating system is depleted, namely Windows 10. But there are still many who use Windows 7 for various reasons.

An example of the reason that is often heard is that Windows 7 is lighter than Windows 8, 8.1, or 10. But there are still many who complain about why my Windows 7 is slow?

Is there any way to speed up Windows 7 operating system ??

This is where the work of this article is done. For tips on dealing with slow Windows 7, I will describe several methods so that the Windows 7 you use becomes smoother.

How to control windows 7 slow

Here I will teach you many ways to reduce the lethargy in your Windows 7, please listen and learn.

1. Turn off Search Indexing

Do you know what is Search Indexing ??

A little explanation about the search index, which is a feature of Windows 7 that acts as an indexer of various entries on your computer.

If this feature is activated, we can quickly search for different types of files and data on your computer.

But this feature is rarely used, it is better to just turn it off, this will reduce your resources so that you can make sure the computer is smoother than before.
To close the search index, please follow the steps below.

  • Open the start menu and type Index, Select the top.
  • After the window appears, please click Revised Then uncheck the various existing indexing locations.

2. Turn Off Desktop Gadget

How to control a Windows 7 slow computerPerhaps you know that Windows 7 no longer displays sidebars like Windows Vista.

But the fact is that there are still some sidebar processes that are still running if not manually closed.

It would be nice if we had to turn off the desktop gadgets feature so that computer performance would run smoothly.
To turn off desktop gadgets, please follow the steps below.

  • Open the Start menu and type gadgets into the search field.
  • Click View gadget play list.
  • Remove gadgets that you consider useless.

3. Change Power Settings

How to control a Windows 7 slow computerPower settings are very impressive on the overall performance of your computer, the high performance option makes the computer in maximum performance.

But I remind you, this method is only useful for computers, laptop users of you please remove the battery and plug it into the power, if you use a battery then the power will run quickly.

4. uninstall bloatware

How to control a Windows 7 slow computerBloatware is arguably the default application that is already installed on the computer. When we first purchase it, we usually do not use these various applications so they take up space on the computer.

Some software runs automatically during the boot process so that it slows down computer performance.
Please follow the steps below for uninstall blotware steps.

  • Open the Start menu and insert the control panel.
  • Choose Uninstall or change the program.
  • Please uninstall useless software.

5. Turn off the aero effect

How to control a Windows 7 slow computerIt is good if you like to see your computer’s display effects, which is better if you change it in the initial settings, although to enhance your appearance, the side effect is that your computer’s performance is optimal. Is not.

If you want your computer to perform well, it is better to turn off the effects you have created.
To turn off the aero effect, please follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Start menu, right click on the computer.
  • Choose a quality It is in itself.
  • Enter menu Advanced System Settings.
  • Click on options Advanceed.
  • 3 sections, please click The establishment in Section Display.
  • Please turn off options that are not useful, please choose to minimize it adjust for best performance, The computer will automatically replace the display completely to get the best performance.

This is a brief discussion about me How to overcome a Windows 7 slow computer There are actually many other ways like adding RAM, cleaning the hard drive, cleaning up the virus, but you should already understand that way, maybe I will discuss it a second time. Words end, that’s all and thanks

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