Kingdom Boss – RPG Fantasy v0.1.2184 (Mod Apk)

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Kingdom Boss – Fantasy RPG online adventure game v0.1.2184 (Mod Apk) Are you ready to become a castle guard? Save your kingdom from the dark souls who rise up against you.
Welcome to Kingdom Boss! The most exciting and best-designed action RPG you will ever play.
Take command of a powerful force and restore the Empire to its former glory! Gather resources to strengthen your army of soldiers! Build an invulnerable castle! Summon legendary heroes to your banner and lead the Kingdom of Kings to control all the Dominus!
Become a castle hero in this epic RPG as you build an empire and save people from the shadow of an exiled kingdom.
A wicked plague spread across Dominus, destroying the land and spawning cloaked monstrosities. The king is gone, the military is in turmoil. One must step forward to unite factions, rebuild the King’s Kingdom, and lead his army of soldiers to victory!

Dominus needed a new ruler to maintain the spirit of the people and restore what was lost. Create an army of brave warriors to defend your kingdom from evil forces.
Gather resources and build new buildings and grow your empire
– Fight against Covert bosses to regain control of your stronghold.
– Enrich your empire by collecting precious gold and resources.
– Craft armor, weapons and a fortress for your hall of heroes.
– Hack and slash fire dragons, fight evil demons and defeat the minotaur with your tactical combat skills!
– Raid an exiled kingdom and recover treasure chests from a ruthless exile syndicate.

🛡️Empire yourself with a group of heroes, enchanted wizards, brave knights and dragons, as you become the head of a kingdom in the best MMORPG game available now on your mobile

Legendary heroes work under your command to gather resources, forge weapons and armor, and research new warcraft abilities.
– Summon mythical creatures of all races: Minotaurs, Elves, Goblins and more.
– Train your mighty heroes to unleash their incredible potential in epic battles and apply them in mystical missions to take over the world.
Build a hero hall with your brave warriors with the most spectacular character creation graphics you have ever seen.

Secure alliances with other rulers to defend yourself against enemies.
– Help allies with strength and resources to defend their kingdom.
– Fight epic wars together and defeat enemies to conquer more territories.
– Get access to stronger weapons and defenses.

Build and manage a fast growing fantasy world!
Your kingdom is working for you while you are away! Come back, collect rewards and progress immediately. -Let your brave heroes fight alone or jump if necessary! Enjoy the best MMO adventure game
Dive into this dark fantasy world accompanied by your noble guild of heroes and save your kingdom.
Kingdom Boss - Fantasy RPG online adventure game
Kingdom Boss - Fantasy RPG online adventure game
Kingdom Boss - Fantasy RPG online adventure game
Kingdom Boss - Fantasy RPG online adventure game
Kingdom Boss - Fantasy RPG online adventure game
Kingdom Boss - Fantasy RPG online adventure game

1. Menu
2. Fool Enemies (Self Attack)
If an error appears, don’t press Restart, just X


Kingdom Boss – RPG Fantasy v0.1.2184 (Mod Apk) – DRIVING LINK

Kingdom Boss – RPG Fantasy v0.1.2184 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

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