Overcoming Unreadable External Hard Drive

An external hard disk is a large-scale data storage device, typically with a minimum of 160GB to 1TB of storage or even more, so you can store large data without removing it first, but sometimes when you’re feeling bad Are, so often external hard drives are illegal, so we need them all at once. We might panic because perhaps you think the external hard drive is damaged, but you should not think less about it, to immediately claim that the external hard drive has been damaged, there may be a number of factors that could affect the external hard drive. To make it unreadable, here I will discuss how to respond to an unreadable external hard drive. Follow this article carefully.

5 effective ways to fix unreadable external hard drives

1. Enable USB Controller in BIOSOvercoming Unreadable External Hard DriveThis step is easy enough so that it is sometimes underestimated so that the external hard drive cannot be read, please try to enter the BIOS by restarting your laptop / PC when the monitor shows the brand of laptop / PC , Then press it. F9 or F12 (Each brand is different), use the keyboard to enter USB controller, Change previous option Disabled it happens ActiveTo save and save the BIOS Diffuse / Restart the PC, please check the external hard drive to see if it has been read.
2. Change the USB portOvercoming Unreadable External Hard DriveTry transferring the USB port to your laptop / PC, if you previously plugged it into USB 2.0 (white), try plugging it into USB 3.0 (blue), as usually USB on an external hard drive Uses USB 3.0 (blue).

3. Use another USB cableOvercoming Unreadable External Hard DriveIf the above method still does not work, perhaps you can use this one method, yes, replace the external hard drive USB cable, lend it to a friend who has an external hard drive with the same USB port and you Can exchange USB cable and try, if the hard drive is a friend of the external one you cannot, it means that the problem lies in the USB cable.

4. Replace the letter / hard drive partitionOvercoming Unreadable External Hard DriveEach hard drive has a letter or partition, partition C as a system, while D, E, F and so on as a data partition, by not creating a partition on your external hard drive, the external hard drive can be unreadable is.

5. Format the hard drive using Zeros WriteOvercoming Unreadable External Hard DriveThe last step you do is to format your hard drive, you can format the external hard drive directly or you can use an application, my advice is to use Write Zero application so that your hard drive Really clean, this application will erase all the root data.

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