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Today, we are here with a game that can make you popular. Yes! a well-known figure. And that game is Popular wars. you will come to know very soon that why we are claiming this point.

This article is crafted for 2 reasons

  • to give you the direct link to download Popular Wars Mod Apk 1.10.8 with unlimited coins
  • To give you all of the information to the basic and the modded version of the game

The name is self-explanatory, you are going to use it for getting into the war of becoming popular. After the launch of the social media platforms,  people start getting their own social personalities in their respective areas. And people love to know in their area just because of their profiles. When the developer realized this fact he introduced the amazing game popular wars that let you enjoy and experience the popularity among the folks living in your town virtually.

Popular Wars Mod Apk for Android – Unlimited Coins

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Overview & Gameplay

After downloading it into your device, you will feel the real journey of the popular figures. Your main goal in the game will be to introduce as the exceptional personalities so that the people can start influenced by you and ultimately start following you, in your virtual world.

Obviously, you know being the popular personality is all about having the followers. The more follower you have, the more popular you will be. Followers are the key to success for your journey of being the popular figure in this game, and the same rule also applies in the real world.

The gameplay is only that much simple, but do you what makes it the best game out there?

It is the content of the game, the developer comes with the great content that is displayed by using the great visual graphics. you will be loving it. Although, even with this simple gameplay the game is not easy for most of the folks due to the challenging content. you will face different challenges that will sharpen your mind.

There is a lot of the things that are hard to define in the words, you will experience all of them after playing the game. Well! let’s move on and have a look at some of the prominent feature of this game.



Before downloading the game, you must that what you are actually going to get and what are the do’s and don’ts of the game. Here are some of the important features of popular wars that makes it the best out there.

⇒ Algorithm

You might be thinking that how you are actually going to increase your followers in the virtual world, for sure ever one thinks about it. Specifically for this game, the answer is their powerful algorithm. They have made the most powerful algorithm and incorporated it in the game for making sure that you are getting the exact followers according to your performance in the game. So don’t worry put your 110% and let the algorithm do the rest for you.

⇒  Multiplayer

Here’s the best feature that makes it a more engaging game. Obviously, you love the stuff that you actually perform along with your friends. That’s why they have integrated the feature of the multiplayer. It’s mean you can even invite your friends to the competition and to have more fun. Moreover, you can compete with the giant perform in the game and outperform them to make their followers yours. It all depends on your strategy. That’s the feature that encourages the competition and makes it the engaging game.

⇒  Easy to use Interface

The developer has taken care of all of teh users and makes the interface easy as much as they can. You don’t need to have any specific technical knowledge to kick start your journey of being popular in the game. You can easily navigate to the desired options. Along with the easy to understand interface the developer has done the extensive work to make the controls of the game easier. You must check out the work of the developer.

⇒ Competitive environment

The game provides you the great competitive environment that you may not experience in other Android Games. To be in the competition you need the followers, for sure being popular is all about followers. In this competitive environment, you have 2 options

  1. Make your own followers
  2. Or Eliminate other followers

If you are failing to increase your followers, then play to remove other followers. Simple thing is that the personality with the more followers is the more popular one. So making the rest of the strategy is over to you.

⇒ Virtual Community

To help you in making the more and more followers, the game developer has already made the best part for you. And that is the map of the virtual community that will lead you to your potential followers.

You don’t have to dig for the followers, just navigate through the Map and reach to your potential followers. until this point, the developer has made your life easier the rest of the thing is in your hand. After reaching to these potential followers you have to impress so that they can ultimately become your follower.

You might be loving this game because of all of these features, but we have something more interesting for you to look at. And you can find this in the modded version of the game that we are providing here in this Article.

What’s interesting in Popular wars Mod Apk?

The game is not that much easy as most of the folks think. To be popular in the town, it really requires extra effort and courage. Well to help you in achieving this dream we have MOD Apk version of this game that provides you the access to the unlimited money. you can use this access to purchase whatever you want to so that you can impress all of the potential followers to turn them into your followers.

Final Words

The game is full of fun, you are really going to enjoy each and every challenge that has been introduced by the developer. You can enjoy the game in the basic version and can have a lot of fun. But we would recommend you to download Hack modded version of the game to have access to the unlimited money. This access to unlimited money is going to help you out in many terms. The choice is yours whether you want to go with the basic version or with the modded version of the game.

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