To change regional settings in Windows (CSV import)

This time I will share a little tutorial about changing regional settings in Windows. Its purpose is to fix the problem of CSV files that are closed when opened. Listen until the article is complete.

How to resolve errors in CSV files

Sometimes when opening an Excel file in CSV format, it looks messy, out of order. Even though the data should be organized in a sorted manner per line. One source of the problem is actually in your regional configuration settings in Windows, and in my case it’s Windows 10.

To resolve errors in CSV files, you must change the settings in the regional settings. Please follow the tutorial below:

How to change regional settings in Windows 10 (CSV import)

Please follow the steps below:

  1. go to Settings Regional and Language Options. Button press trick The windows > Type control Panel > Press Enter > Search menu Area > Click
  2. Click additional settings
  3. Service Tithe sign Change into Telecom Deptt (.)
  4. Service List separator Change into Comma (,)
  5. Applicable

For more information, please see the image below:

How to change Windows 10 regional settings for error CSV files

How to change regional settings in Windows 7/8

Indeed, in Windows 7 and Windows 8 the principle is similar to Windows 10, to change the regional settings. It is just that there may be a difference in some stages.

  1. Close excel application
  2. Click the button The windows
  3. Choose control Panel
  4. Choose region and language
  5. Click Format tab
  6. Click additional settings
  7. To find out List separator
  8. Change Decimal Earlier period (.) Becomes a comma (,)
  9. Click Applicable Again Fine
  10. Please check and open the CSV file with the first error, it should no longer be an error

pay attention: If it still does not work, try restarting your device and rewrite it.

Ok, that on Windows 10,8 and 7. There was a little tutorial on how to change the regional settings. Hopefully, your CSV file error problem can be resolved. If useful, do not forget to comment and share. Thank you.

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