Download World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk v1.2.26 Unlimited Medals, resources

The person who loves making strategies can also use his skills and can enhance his skills by playing android games. For the strategists, War is one of the best options to show their talents. The War strategy Android game is one of the best genres for most of the gamers. World Conqueror 4 is the best option to avail when it comes to War strategy game.

Here you will get the link to download World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk for unlimited Medals and resources.

This game is the part of the EasyTech’s World Conqueror series, they are providing the best war strategy game series that attracts a lot of the Android gamers. The game has the ability to retain the gamer. Once you install the game into your device, you will never think to uninstall World Conqueror 4.

Before providing you the link to download World Conqueror 4 mod apk into your device, we have shared all about the game that you must know before you download it. 

In this article, we will walk you through the

  • basic information,
  • overview of the game
  • The gameplay of the game
  • Interesting features of the game that are making it popular and best game
  • And at the last, you will have the link to download World Conqueror 4 mod apk to start having fun.

 World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk v1.2.26 – Unlimited Medals + Resources

Basic Information

Rating4.1 Stars
App NameWorld Conquer 4
Required OSAndroid 4.3 and Above
Developed ByEasyTech


This game series has been developed and started by he EasyTech in 2007. During the course of the game, you will play the role of the general who is responsible for bringing troops together, putting them in the right direction to restore the peace of the world. You can not choose any specific country to lead their army force, the game can automatically make you the leader of any country troops according to the mission. Most of the times you will be the part of the allied forces in the game. The game has been developed according to the past year’s wars. You will get a clear picture of the past wars.

Interesting features

⇒ The developer knows that people don’t like the game that the repetitive content. people always look for the new and fresh content even within the game. That’s why the developer of World Conqueror 4 has paid attention to this factor and introduces 2 different modes of the game along with different levels of difficulty. You will never get bored with this game. This feature of the game hooked the player for a longer time.

⇒ The graphics do not stand out of crowd but still has the ability to provide you the best gaming experience. The graphics are too much clear and better from previous versions of the game and from the previous game of its series. They provide yo the pretty best look at the game. You will feel comfortable with it.

⇒ The interface of the game is clearly designed, anyone can understand it easily and can operate the game without any trouble. There is no technical knowledge required for understanding the interface of this game. It’s simply designed and the developer has really put an effort to make it user-friendly as much as it is possible.


world conqueror 4 mod apk

How to Play World Conqueror 4?

The game offers different game mode. The first one is of campaign mode. In the campaign mode, you will have different campaigns in which different battles are arranged on the basis of the difficulty level. The campaign mode will walk you through every war that has been happened in the past.

The other mode that the developer has introduced is the conquer mode, in this mode, you will lay diplomatically. Even can ally with any other nation or even can attack other nation to conquer them. Conquering someone else is not that much easy, you need to develop the strategy for the steps that you are going to take. Otherwise, one single wrong decision will allow others to conquer you.

Always  jump to the next level

With the passage of the time, armies and the forces developed themselves to protect themselves and to dominate the war ground in the more efficient manner. The developer has also incorporated the feature for you where you can upgrade your team, your weapons, and your equipment.

You will find 175 different kinds of military units that you can access by spending money. You must upgrade your team and weapons otherwise it will be hard for you to win the dominate the next wars because of the level of difficulty increases as you progressed in the game.

You can also hire the most intellectual and great strategist general for your army. Having a great time increases the chances to win the game.

Why World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk?

The game allows you to upgrade the level, weapons and allows you to hire the great generals who will help you to win the war. But obviously, all of these thongs come with the money. And at the start of the game and even during the whole course of the game, you need to win each and every war with the tremendous effort to earn the money.

Although, it is not possible for everyone. Most of the people instead of enjoying become frustrated. Here comes the use of World Conqueror 4, it provides you the additional advantage over those who have the basic version of the game. And that benefits are of unlimited money, unlocked medals, unlimited resources.

Now you don’t need to work hard to have all of these things, these all are already unlocked for you. Noo instead of becoming frustrated you can enjoy the game and experience the past wars.

Obviously, now you will prefer the Modded and hack apk of the game over the basic version over the game.

Wrap Up

The game is full of fun and will take you on the journey of the past wars. For those who love to make strategies for becoming successful, this game is the best fit. Even if you want to improve your decision making power and the strategy making skill, then you should download the game. World Conqueror 4 MOD APK will not let you get bored.

To have more fun you must download the modded hack apk file of the latest version of this game. Because it takes your responsibility for making money and to have to buy resources and to earn medals. You will get all of that stuff for free.

That’s all about this game, hopefully, you have enjoyed the article and ready to take the fun with the hacked apk version of the game.

If you have found it useful, do share it with your friends too and keep visiting our blog for downloading all of the best games mod APK files without rooting the mobile.


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